Buen Camino Peregrino!

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Ana's Place for the Ordinary.

Ana's Place for the Ordinary.

Buen Camino Peregrino!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

For the LOVE of ART Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables, Florida

"For the LOVE of ART"
Once upon a Friday night, September 16, 2016 ay 7.p.m at Douglas entrance magic happened thanks to Banyan Street Capital & CBRE... and


The Visual Artists:
 Liliana Botero, Carlos Camero, Omar Corrales Mora, Gianna DiBartolomeo, Noel Dobarganes, Adriano Nicot, Nathalie Garcia, Flandez, Piri, Santos Mendez, Ramon Pedraza, Juan Perez, Luis Pardini, Raul Proenza, Alberto Pujol, Abel Quintero, Dania Sierra, Charly Silva, Osmar Valdes Reyes, Yelier Viera, Mirtha Maria Lopez, Asley Brito ( Viloin) and Lifetime images photography.
In no particular order, be amazed...


The amazing Gianna DiBartolomeo!


Alberto Pujol, the one and only Fredy Villamil and prosaic Raul Proenza

Cantos de Sirenas - Proenza

Luis Pardini, Santos Mendez

WE love a crowd!

Maggie Kurtz CBRE and her lovely daughters

the amazing Dania Sierra and I

Omar Corrales Mora - Maquina


Don Juan , Charly Silva, Fredy Villamil, Noel Dobarganes

Abel Quintero and Fredy Villamil

Art by Flandez -  Danzando and a View of My Land

Raul Proenza, Nathalie Garcia, Fredy Villamil

Liliana Botero and Family
Gianna DiBartolomeo


Dory Cruz, moi, Dania Sierra


Quintero, Proenza, Villamil, Oliva
Abel, Judit, Adriano, Mario - look up!!! 

Raul Proenz, Fredy Villamil and LifetimeImages amazing!
The infamous Miguel Rodez and I in our traditional pose...

Two masters Noel Dobarganes and Abel Quintero
A Noel Dobarganes original and me

Fredy Villamil and Patricia Pardo and I

Carlos Camero

Nathalie Garcia

Campins Fine Art

Alberto Pujol, Mirtha Maria Lopez - Poeta, Osmar Valdes Reyes

Yelier Viera en manos de la fe

Asley Brito - Master of the Strings

Fredy Villamil's amazing art.

Abel Quintero

Flandez, Dobarganez, Villamil, Nicot, Mendez 

Liliana Botero
Maggie Kurtz, Senior Vice President CBRE

Ramon Pedraza, Dalia Pedraza, Don Quixote and I
Noel Dobargane's "Cafetera" sold to Dora
The artists

 Alberto Pujol y Adriano Nicot y Judith Gil

Just before we opened...

Dory Cruz, Fredy Villamil y Miguel Rodez

Los Artistas

Come to our next event on September 30th at Milander Center for Arts & Entertainment